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In spring, when all maintenance and repair works are done, we start training again. Every Friday evening we come together to practice rowing technique and gain some muscle volume. Our training sessions bring us either to the ‘Ringvaart’ or to the centre of Ghent.

Apart from strength, stamina and technique, we also try to train for more specific challenges that we may have to deal with in a competition. One example is the ‘captain’s gig’, where not speed but uniformity and style are assessed. Another example is the ‘sac transfer’, a manoeuvre to bring an item to the shore and/or back via a ropeway. Speed and accuracy are key here.



Sailing is an important part of the package that is Carolus Quinto. Unfortunately there is no suitable water near Ghent to practice sailing manoeuvres. Therefore, we organise a one week trip to the Netherlands every year to get the chance to practice. It is a wonderful occasion to do teambuilding at the same time.

Carolus Quinto is not an easy boat to sail. For one, the masts have no stays. The halyard of the sail is used as a stay by ensuring it is fixed to the hull on the luff side. This means that, during a tack, the sail has to be lowered completely in order for the halyard to be moved to the other side of the boat. Timing is crucial, the crew needs to work as a team.








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