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Who we are

Carolus Quinto is a non-profit organisation, founded to support the passing-on of maritime knowledge and techniques. Its projects are especially aimed towards youngsters. The organisation owns a “Banty Bay yawl”, which is a 12 meter long, wooden rowing and sailing boat for a crew of 13.


The crew of Carolus Quinto has been recruited amongst the members of sea scouts "De Wilde Eend". They already have some experience with sailing and rowing with smaller boats.

Carolus Quinto is not an easy boat to sail. For one, the masts have no stays. The halyard of the sail is used as a stay by ensuring it is fixed to the hull on the luff side. This means that, during a tack, the sail has to be lowered completely in order for the halyard to be moved to the other side of the boat. Timing is crucial, the crew needs to work as a team.


Regularly, Carolus Quinto participates in international competitions, like "Atlantic Challenge" and "Défi des Jeunes Marins", where skill and knowledge is tested. In 2002 the team ended 10th place in it’s first competition, in Maine (USA). In 2004 however, Carolus Quinto captured second place in Fishguard (Wales). Results were and are still excellent: 5th place in 2012 in Canada and 6th place in France in 2014. In 2016, we participated in the AC contest in Roskilde.







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